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FSN 132
Joanne Mc Neish

Luxurious Leather - evolved from practicality to luxury, but cycle may be starting over again - everyone likes the look, feel and smell - fake leather is bad for the environment, but better for animal rights - as the population grows and land will be needed for food, the amount of leather will decrease - shift from cattle to pigs, goats, smaller animals - shorter supplies will make it a true luxury again Fur Makes a Comeback - very controversial; yet it is everywhere - “comeback of luxury to the industry” - versatile item that will last and provide warmth - can glam up everything Rachel Zoe - stylist-turned celebrity-turned designer - worked for celebrities, on the red carpet, fashion houses, beauty firms, magazine editors etc - had a tv show The Rachel Zoe Project - clothing line in 2011 The Rachel Zoe Collection a lifestyle brand - lots of tailored pieces – suits, jackets, trousers; outerwear capesss, leather coats The American Woman – Fashioning a National Identity - exhibit at the Costume Institute of Metropolitan Museum of Art - from “The Heiress” to “the Gibson Girl’’ to “The Bohemian” - from the 1890s - “screen Siren” 13 famous American movies It's a Mad, Mad World - Dr. No, The Great Gatsby, Mad Men, The King’s Speech, Miami Vice all influence men’s suiting Justine Bieber - one of the most googled people - licensed name for many things - TECHNOLOGY - Target these tweens and teens Jimmy Cho - Malaysian cobbler; made pieces for British vogue - British editor Tamara Mellon financed for Jimmy to start - Cate Blanchet Oscars, Sex and the City - Handbags, collaborate with HM, collaborates with Hunter boots, collaborates with UGG, fragrance Pierre Cartier - 1817 Louis Francois Cartier, jeweler - moved its shop to 5 avenue among the rich new Yorkers - sells passion: love bracelet (significant other has to put it on and than has the
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