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FSN 123 midterm information 2012.pdf

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Ryerson University
FSN 132
Joanne Mc Neish

Midterm Exam Tuesday, Oct. 16 , th 4:00-6:00pm (NOTE: the late start) What to Study x In the textbook the “most”, “biggest”, “best”…any specifics will be examples of concepts (see attached sample questions) AND anything covered in lectures. x There will be NO questions with answer choices “all of the above” or “none of the above”. x “In the Fashion Spotlight”, “Everything Old is New”, and “Timeless Treasures” will be included in the matching section (see attached questions). x Speakers: Sunny Fong, Liza Amlani, Marty Masterson, Erin O’Blenes (see attached samples of questions that were asked of past speakers). What to Bring (leave valuables at home) x Your student I.D. and pencil/eraser and if needed water but it MUST be in a clear bottle Student Examination Procedures In order to ensure the academic integrity of exams, students are asked to: x Place all cell phones/personal audio equipment and other electronic devices in bags (turn off cell phones). x Place ALL bags and personal belongings on the stage. No personal belongings can be at exam desks. x Have your ID ready for verification (for this class show your ID when you turn in your exam). x Have no pencil cases on desks only pencil/erasers utensils. x Have no food/drink during the exam unless medically required (if water is needed, only in a clear bottle). x Remove hats unless required by religious observance. x Conduct the exam in silence. x Raise hands to ask a question, use washroom, or request additional supplies. x In the case of an emergency, leave all exams on the desk and follow the instructions of the invigilator. x Maintain all academic integrity standards during an exam (see x Do not leave the exam within the first 30 minutes, do not enter the exam more than 30 minutes after it has begun (unless no one has left). NOTE: It is strongly recommended that you DO NOT bring valuables to the examination room which you do not wish to leave in your bag at the front of the room. Multiple-Choice AND MatchingQuestions x Select the BEST possible answer. x Correct responses are worth 1 point each. x Put your answers on BOTH the exam booklet and computer answer sheet. Circling the answers on the exam booklet verifies your answers on the computer answer sheet if there are any problems. x If you do not understand a word in the question/answer that does not give away the answer, please ask Dr. Lafrenz , Anika or Jessica. NOTE: If you do not know the answer, you will NOT be penalized for guessing. Peers/Self/Canadian Fashion Professional (CFP) Interviewee Evaluation x After you have finished your exam, complete the interview evaluation and turn in with your exam – make sure you know how to correctly spell your CFP’s name. x Think about what feedback you would like to share about your CFP, your teammates, and your overall experience. x Hopefully everyone that wasn’t able to make the interview, or came late to the interview has informed me. It is not acceptable that I find out through the peer evaluationand/or the CFP. x Anyone not doing their share on this team project will be remembered always by their teammates, note, the Canadian fashion industry is small and the impressions you leave starting now will last forever! NOTE: Comments relating to your CFP is most important; in particular I will be pulling quotes from your evaluations for the CFP’s thank you letter I will be sending. Course Policy x Midterm and Final Exams will not be returned. x To review your exam come to Dr. Lafrenz’s office hours to “
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