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FSN 223 Concepts and Theories..

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FSN 223

FSN 223 Fashion Concepts and TheoriesDr Ben BarryWeek 1Why Study Fashion theory Think critically about fashionUse fashion to empowerReinvent the fashion system Explore question and reimagine the production Promotion and consumption of fashion FashionSociologyAnthropologyHistoryBusinessFine ArtPsychologyLecture TopicsFashion Impulse Fashion cycles symbols and flowsFashion RepresentationEurocentric Fashion System Fashion Body Techniques and IdentityFashion Aesthetics and ArtFashion as a Business and Cultural industryPopular culture and fashion Politics of fashion Film Evaluations Theory in action 15 FEB 13 Wardrobe 45 MARCH 13 ththExam 40 APRIL 1517 businessoffashioncomFashion Impulse Key TermsFashion prevailing custom of dressit is collective time limitedDress all ornamentation on their bodyStyle combination of silhouette details fabric it is personalized Fad short term styleTrend direction that a style fashion is headingClassic style that has lasted for an indefinite period of time AntiFashion and outfit of a particular style that is outside of fashionFashionable style that conforms to fashion 3 Main Elements of FashionFashion is a system of Communicationo They convey identity o Meaning o Clothes function as symbols o These symbols change in different contextso Le Saap group of men in congo group of tastemakers and elegant people that wear pink They are the epitome of masculinityPink for a different meaning gayhomosexual queer movement color of pride Versace HM pink suit genderless new look avant garde marketing Fashion Helps Us Define Ourselves As Individuals and Group Members o We will model ourselves in some ways from another groupo Black is the best selling colour safe blend in and slimming want to stand out elegant and glamorous antifashion subcultureEssence of Fashion is ChangeThe Fashion ImpulseConstantly changing clothing codes and stylistic registers20more groupClothing codes that balance the impulse to belong to a group and the individual desire to stand out and assert that attributes of the self 48 individualThe Fashion ParadoxExpress yourself yet conform sometimes subconsciouslyMaintain some customary style be current yet classicDo we have control Or following a larger code in fashionSumptuary LawsRegulate the ownership of certain clothes What colors fabrics types certain class women could wearQueenroyalty purple and silkWhat not to wear certain look that is acceptable they all conform are their rules enforcedDoes Fashion Exist Beyond Consumer Culture The Little Black Dress o Black can signify death only for mourningo Elegance and luxury nobility o White accents around the face mood gesture facial expressionMacaroni o After young men finished university they would take a tour of france and Italy year of travel to learn food culture slim cut clothing never eaten macaroni and ate it in Italy and brought it back to the UK fashion was very popular brought back a slim style and taste in fashion Sailor o 1800s Functional uniform wide leg pant blue and white o To runways Tommy Dolce Chanelo Gay communityDoes Fashion Exist Beyond Western CultureyesMyth that the traditional ways of dressing are conventional unchanging not influenced by trends or fads idea that non western groups haves dressed the same foreverits like looking at the suit it hasnt changed but if you look there are differences in the way the aesthetic has changed Canadian aboriginal fur trade cloth and beads o Change in the types of beads they wanted sizecolor o Taste was highly subjective o Fashion trends change o Fashion before the westernized consumer culture Chpt 1 The Fashion ImpulseMany have argued that fashion is a modern cultural practice that coincided with the emergence of capitalism and consumer culture I have argued fashion is not exclusively the domain of modern culture and its preoccupations with individualism class civilization and consumerism Fashion Impulse constantly changing clothing codes and stylistic registersthese occur in nonwesternnonmodern societiesmyth that nonwestern cultures have stable unchanging clothing codes called costumecustomary dress Fashion was used to describe the dress performances of preindustrial cultures It is wrong to suggest that fashion in contemporary cultures is different from that of other societies
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