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FSN 232
Joanne Mc Neish

WEEK 12 INTRO Holt Renfrew VP fashion director – Barbara Atkin There is no crystal ball for forecasting, just have to watch the customer 175 year for HR – owned by Canadians used to be a lot of fur, catered to the “carriage trade”-ppl who could afford luxury - always kept core values in mind S/S2013 - seasons don't matter in the end S/S in buying world, deleiveries start November and end around may; we’re talking more to the customers in the now Fashion Forecast books: high level thought starter Start a year out – keep eye, look in art world, movies, etc To guide senior executives, buyers, marketers To identify incoming, outgoing and on going trends To explain the forces behind a trend To express the corporate objective through timely themes, edifted merchandise selections and focused marketing initiatives that will result in a profit Nothing new really, where you put the focus makes it new Safety net to entire company to --- guide, identify, explain, express Trend: has to directly affect the bottom line – money Need to look at Mens vs womens sections – traditional – put should maybe eliminate gender because social – choose what you want to wear because it speaks to you, not because of your gender Name of theme Silhouette focus Colour Fabric Print/pattern Details Key items of the season  look at runway, look at this before buyers buy this fashion forecast becomes a live document -- theme 1: the great Gatsby – movie is coming out: getting dressed up, fun with fur, find reasons to dress up – colors: white (seasonless) , soft greys, pastels, greens patterns; abstract, figuratives, knitwear fur in the summer – prada, fendi – ppl will buy it, and wear it when they want November-may – lots of times, so many stories Theme 2: sexiness in rio In February – so not so depressed, want ppl to have color etc, lace, colors, neon, plaid forecastingL you need to rally ppl around it – can start a trend everything old is new again – its how you wear it !! eg chiffon plaid theme 3: surf citiy: hemy salon – slim mens suits, ppl didn't think they would wear them, but now everyone wheres slim suits, became inspired by the freedom of west coast, - relaxed life style, never dressed up - can be who you want, whenever you want – he was able SLP from YSL convinced name change – monumental , moved paris house to venice beach colors: cement, concreate, mauves patterns: stupes, sun washed cottons, plastics, CANT FORGET about the casualness , money goes to casualness tho, more effort to get dressed up In 7 minutes, Marc Jacobs changed fashion – took our eye from what we thought was sexy to something new Theme 4 eastern passages: ysl in the 70’s – bohemian, trip through india, smokey, paisleys, safari, colorsL terracotta, dusty pastels, almost blacks, apricot at the end of the day: a piece of clothing is a piece of clothing, it's the dream that makes you want to wear it silhouette focus: feminine. Boxy, tube, full, trapeze -- do this for coats, shoes etc’’ by October finished buy for s 2013 - trends: Japanese tailoring (kimono sleeves, wide pants etc), romanticism (great gatspy, chiffon, soft), bold color (rio), print remix, slice and dice )cutouts), coloured leather, 50 shades of white, sheer buy in the end is about customer and what catches ur eye look at blogging, tweeting etc color blocking – take and cut up prints sheer fabric – seasonless lucky stripe colored leather -- must have items: knee lengther topper cropped jacket peplum top crewnecks carftan/tunic oversized sjirt the bra top full cullotte cigarette pant soft fluid pant pant suit slumm knee loose short maxi skirt tube skirt the shirt dress feminine sun dress the logo cap wide brimmed hat felt now, straw sping rounded colored plastic frame skinny belts waist clinchers multi-purpose scarves oversized clutch hand held satchel – color, or interest woven bag – in rio story minaudiere bags – statement evebubg bags saddle bag square shopper café bag statenebt cuffs big earrings chockers pointed toe pump ankle cuff pointy toe flat uniform platform sling back block heel wedge man tailored shoes gladiator shoes Heels ar
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