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Global Management Studies
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GMS 200
Horatio Morgan

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GMS 200 FINAL EXAM REVIEW APRIL 22, 7:00PM 90 QUESTIONS + 30 LECTURE QUESTIONS Chapter 6: planning processes & techniques 1. What is planning? In our evaluation of walmarts approach to planning, we noted that it primarily gains direction from two factors. What are they? (beliefs[respect for individual, service for customers and striving for excellence] and customer service rules) 2. What did we identify as the main responses of Loblaws to the entry of Walmart in the Canadian crockery industry? (Loblaws invested heavily in technology and cutting down on staff) 3. What is scenario planning? What are its benefits? (better focus and flexibility, action oriented, better control/coordination/time mgmt.) 4. What is contingency planning? 5. What are organizational procedures (specific rule you follow; sexual harassment rules) and policies (sexual harassment is small part of the policy, policy is the overall)? What is main difference between them? Chapter 7: strategy & strategic Management 1. what is strategy? What is stratefic management? 2. What are two basic ways in which firms compete against their rivals? 3. Review Porter’s 5 forces framework, review it’s application to the Canadian auto industry – what factors are associated with greater competition, and hence, a lower average price? 4. Review Porter’s model of generic strategies (i.e. cost leadership strategy, focused low-cost strategy; differentiation strategy, focused differentiation strategy) 5. Review the various components of a SWOT analysis. 6. Concepts to review: customer relationship mgmt, supply chain management, total quality management, organizational culture. 7. Review the BCG Matric approach 8. Concepts to review: strategic alliance, vertical integration(acquire supplier or distribute yourself) retrenchment strategy (if you’re in an industry to retrench means you are pulling out of it) , restructuring, globalization strategy, multidomestic strategy, transnational strategy. Chapter 11: Leading & Leadership Development 1. What is leadership? 2. Review concepts: emotional intelligence (being aware of people emotional state ; topic making person feel uncomfortable…change topic or not?), transactional leadership, transformational leadership; visionary leader, charisma, symbolism, empowerment 3. Review the following theories/models of leadership (text and lecture notes on McCain’s leadership @ Maple Leaf): 1. Hersey – Blanchard situational model 2. Fiedler’s contingency model 3. House’s path-goal leadership model 4. Vroom-Jago leader-participation model 5. Other: leadership styles (i.e. democratic, autocratic, etc). Chapter 5: Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management 1. Who is an entrepreneur? What is entrepreneurship? 2. What are the myths about entrepreneurs? (Gamblers and take too much risks, boring, money is the key to entrepreneur’s succe
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