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Final Globus Project

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Ryerson University
Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Ron Babin

Table of ContentsExecutive SummaryThe following report contains a thorough analysis of AMZ Incs annual financial performance and strategies in the GloBus simulation which covered the span of 7 years years 5 through 11 In general AMZ Inc had a slightly more disappointing outcome than expected thhaving ranked 7 in Industry 2 with an overall score of 72 BestinIndustry score of 57 and ththInvestor Expectation score of 86 Despite the downward trend towards the 7 and 8 years AMZ Inc successfully changed its competitive strategy and would likely become more competitive in the global marketFinancial PerformanceNet Revenues The first lens used to analyze the financial performance of AMZ Inc will be the annual net revenue Although the yeartoyear revenue fluctuated the end result shows a positive growth In year 8 AMZ Inc was not satisfied with their performance and decided a complete shift of strategy was necessary After further research and understanding of the GloBus game a new strategy was developed for year 9 Initially the results were negative however sticking to the strategy AMZ Inc managed to have an 85 gain in net revenue from year 9 through 12 FigurGoing from 147 million in year 9 to 272 million in year 11 AMZ Inc has high hopes that the growth will continue into years 12 and on AMZ Inc had a cumulative industry high of 272454 net sales revenue but due to higher production costs were not able to maintain the top spot for net revenue
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