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Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Shavin Malhotra

Chapter 01 Introduction to OM1 As a service business the operations management activities of an airline company have nothing in common with the operations management activities within a bicycle manufacturing company TrueFalse 2 Operations managers are responsible for managing systems that produce goods andor provide services TrueFalse 3 Effectiveness refers to achieving intended goals whereas efficiency refers to minimizing cost and time TrueFalse 4 Operations marketing and finance function independently of each other in most organizations TrueFalse 5 The operations function exists only in firms that are goodsoriented TrueFalse 6 Operations management pertains almost exclusively to the management of manufacturing operations TrueFalse 7 Valueadded refers to the cost of the inputs required to produce goods and services TrueFalse 8 As long as a product is ready in advance of when customers demand it the timing of when a product is manufactured does not influence the valueadded TrueFalse 19 Storing an item earlier than the scheduled delivery date is an example of a value adding activity TrueFalse 10 Management information systems MIS are concerned with providing management with the information it needs to effectively manage TrueFalse 11 Operations management involves both system design and system operations TrueFalse 12 System design decisions have very little impact on operations decisions TrueFalse 13 An example of a system operations decision is choice of location TrueFalse 14 The operations manager has primary responsibility for making operations system design decisions such as system capacity and location of facilities TrueFalse 15 Design decisions are usually strategic and long term while planning decisions are tactical and medium term and execution and control are operational and short term TrueFalse 16 Managing inventory levels is considered an organizing operations management process TrueFalse 17 A basic difference between manufacturing and service organizations is that service is actoriented and manufacturing is goodsoriented TrueFalse
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