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 FLQ Front de liberation du Quebec, a radical group of Quebec separatists In 1960, campaign of terror. Extremists who committed crimes, group of terrorists The October Crisis - October 5, 1970 a small FLQ cell kidnapped James Cross, the British trade commissioner. - They demanded the release of 23 people imprisoned for terrorist activities. Authorities agreed to buy time. - Pierre Laporte, Quebec labour minister was also abducted when authorities didn’t meet their demands. - October 16, War Measures Act was invoked by Trudeau, arrests were made without warrants etc. - Oct 17, dead body of Pierre Laporte found in a car. - James Cross found in a Montreal apartment and kidnappers on December 28  Tommy Douglas Leadership of the provincial CCF (Co-operativse Commonwealth Federation) and introduced medicare in 1947.  Nelson Mandela South Africa had a policy of apartheid that legally made Black South Africans second-class citizens. 1991, apartheid abolished and Nelson Mandela becomes South Africa’s first black president. Apartheid: legislated separation of Black & white majority population  Spy camp in Canada- Camp X  Canada was a middle power – a state with limited military power, but some international political influence  Kim Campbell- first female prime minister in June 1993 after Brian Mul
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