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history 603- pre midterm

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HST 603
Catherine Ellis

France rejects britain ec application saying its too close to usFrance kicks our nato paris office moved to Belgiumth67 100 bdat of Canadian confederate also montreal expo flqDegaulle screams vive libre quebec large arbitrary arrest in Canadian historyFrance backs seperatists in quebec quebec puts consulate in franceFrance begins exerting control in west germanyWest germany brandt eastern policy ease tension bw east and west germany Poland and Russia West germany sign profileration treaty establish connection to Poland by recognizing Poland land grabbed from german land Recognizes east germany by 2 states within one nationsprovisions to ease passage through berlin wall west can easily go thourgh but still trouble for eastneresIn 71 soviets fulfill stalins dream ubercic in east germany and bring konerIn 73 both germany r in UN In 74 us recognizes east germany Only berlin remains under militry occupationPeak of daytonte is 75 csce being in helsinki final act reduces tension between nato and warsaw pact 3 baskets gives recognition if post war land grabs to poland ans Czechoslovakia ussr annex of estonia latviaLithuaniasrecognition of the borders of east and west germany miltry observers are exchanged between nato and warsaw and recognizes borders All of stalins post ww2 plans are coming togehterBasket 2 open economic and tehcnicological tarde between us and ussr us is about to extend most favour status for trade for russia Problem in basket 3 Basket 2 is linked to 3 provides pledge to human rights and free immigration ussr citizens can complain ans logdge complaints now russia sign this Many complaint come espcially soviets jews rise of refusenicks the jews refused exit visa Non jews convert and go to israel to go to other nationsRussia concerned because russians jews are educatedbut do t have chance to get good jobs For jews to leave they need to payback tuition to russian unisRelation bw china and ussr go really bad due to sureklin islandwho go to war Theory of us will have to support either russia or china consensus is racial decisons after us fought Koreans and
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