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Jardim Tomaz

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HST702 September 11 2013Tomaz Jardim Crisis in the Balkans28 June 1914 archduke Franz Ferdinand heir to AustroHungarian throne get shot by an assassin o Spark that started WWIRelations between the two power block of states in Europe were strained o Imperialism and the attempt to expand the bound of powerAfrica completely occupied and taken by states of EuropeArms race o If one wanted to be great and build a global empire a bug powerful navyarmy is needed o Size of navies and armies doubled in a short amount of time o Germany looking for its place in the sunGermans began building ships at an alarming rate o British uneasy about growing strength of Germany o Faced challenge in preserving supremacy o British ready to do whatever it takes to stay on top o British create the Dreadnought in response to the naval race against GermanyEurope was a tense place before 1914 especially as Europe had divided itself into 2 rival alliances o Triple EntenteGreat Britain France Russia o Triple AllianceGermany AustriaHungary ItalyA lot of talk of war at the beginning of the 20th century o Fear of a war with Germany had filtered down into British consciousness o The Riddle of the Sandsfictional German invasion of BritainIncreasing posturing for war taking place in Britain1913 Count Helmuth von Moltke writes to Austrian counterpart o A European war is bound to occur sooner or laterMilitarism was at its peakRelationships between the states of Europe were very strainedBalkanssouth eastern EuropeTurkey was the last hub of the Ottoman Empire o Ottoman Empire had been very large and the Ottomans had occupied the Balkan region o In the late 1870s the Ottomans are pushed out of Southeastern Europe o AustriaHungary Russia and Serbia muscling each other to occupy the Balkan regionSerbia has a dream of uniting the Slavic population in Europe o AustroHungarians dont like the Serbians because they have a large Slavic population and they dont want to let go of it1908 AustroHungarians take over Bosnia so Serbia cant expand into Bosnia o AustroHungarians now have a lot of Slavic under their rule and they dont
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