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Human Resources
MHR 523
Anne Hardacre

Hey, Here are my thoughts (in bullet point form) on Question 1 to get the conversation started... Background on Current Performance Assessment at Maple Leaf Sho- Managers recieve forms only a week before the deadline (August 31st) - Forms created by former personnel manager (John McAllister) who created them to keep them simple and easy to complete - The plan for them was they were supposed to be discussed with the employee then returned to the personnel department for filing in the employees personnel files. Ratings from these to be used later when promotions come up and as a "check" when raises could be given Ryenolds Analysis of the Current Performance Assessment at Maple Leaf - Analysis revealed how manangers and employees felt about current performance assessment system| - 60% + of manager and 75% of employees either felt negative or indifferent towards the process of performance assessment - close to 50% of supervisors filled out Performance Assessment forms in minutes and did not discuss their ratings with employees - 40% of managers gave a brief feedback but never had any discussion - only 10% of the managers did what they were supposed too - do a performance assessment of the employee by filling out the performance assessment form, provide feedback on the answers of the form with the employee and then have a discussion with the employee about a review of the past year and objectives for the upcoming year - Ryenolds knows from experience the performance assessment forms were rarely used when determinig promotions or evaluating potential raises - this form is very basic containing 8 Descriptive lines about how one does their job (Quantity of Work, Quality of Work, Dependability at Work, Initiative at Work, Cooperativeness, Communication, Energy and Enthusiasm, Getting Along with Coworkers) and each is rated Excellent, Good, Average, Fair and Poor. Each Rating is also linked to a score and when all descriptions are rated a total score is tallied. My Assessment of Cu
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