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Ryerson University
Human Resources
MHR 523
Margaret Yap

HUMAN RESOURCES FINAL REVIEW NOTESCHAPTER SEVENOrientationActivities that introduces new ee to orgn Onboardingthe process of integrating acculturating new employees knowledge to become successful productive includes orientation socialization training development activitiesoOutcomes greater retention faster time to productivity motivation engagement Formal orientation programs familiarize new ee w their roles w the orgnw other eesOrientation PurposesReduce ee turnoveroEes have expectationsif they contribute in a certain way they will receive certain rewards as a result If expectations are not managed properly ees will feel dissatisfied want to leave HR department can reduce turnover by meeting personal objectives of ees Both ee orgn will benefit Reduce Error and Save TimeoWelloriented ees know whats expected less likely to make mistakes New ees are less efficient than experienced eestart up costs Develop Clear Job and Organizational ExpectationsoUnclear guidlines ees have to find answers informally through the grapevine and by gossiping w others No guarantee they will receive right answers Effectives orientation is necessary to properly inform ee what orgn expects what they can expect in return Attain Acceptable Job Performance Levels FasteroClear expected job performance standards at the beginning gets rid of uncertainty about what is expected on the jobIncrease Organizational StabilityoCommunicating policies regulations to new ee early on effective orientation reduces undesirable behaviourReduce Employee AnxietyoLess stress if orgn communicates w new ee openly clarifies their roles familiarizes them w orgnal objectivesReduce Grievances oGrievances result from ambiguous job expectations unclear expectations Reduce Instances of Corrective Discipline MeasuresoEffective orientation program clarifies rights duties of ee outlines disciplinary regulations spells out the consequences of deviating from the prescribed path Orientation program helps indv Understand the social technical cultural aspects of the workplaceContent of Orientation ProgramsFormal programs explain orientation topics systemically Focuses on 3 main areas organizational aspects HR related policies practices role performanceSocialization Learning About the NormsValues of the OrganizationoSocialization is the process which an ee begins to understand accept the values norms beliefs held by others in orgn involves longterm internalization of the areas may have taken place even before employees join orgn Training and DevelopmentOften used interchangeably Training prepares people to do their present job shortterm focus on skill development to perform the immediate jobimproveenhance performance of current jobtask job related behaviourDevelopment prepares employees for future jobs focuses on indv as well as the orgn develop skills expanding indvs potential through various learning processes so that indv Can assume a future roleTraining Training SystemoEffective training program benefits ees orgnoSequence of events needs assessment objectives content learning principles program implementation evaluationoEmployee benefits skill improvement self development self confidence and sense of growthoOrgnal benefits improved profitability improved morale lower costs better corporate imageNeeds assessment diagnoses present problems environmental challenges that can be met through trainingdevelopmentMust consider each person needs may be determined by HRD supervisorsself nomination sources of info that may indicate need for training production records grievances safety reports performance appraisal absenteeism and turnover etcTraining ObjectivesEvaluation of training needs results in training objectives
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