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Human Resources
MHR 523
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Memorandum DATE: November 20, 2013 TO: Ms. Harsharan Bains, Instructor FROM: Tanvi Sharma and Vibhavari Patel SUBJECT: Recommendation for the Best Career in Early Childhood Education Program At your request we are submitting this report detailing our recommendation for suggesting the best career options that are available for Early Childhood Education program graduates. BACKGROUND Early Childhood Education program deals with study and application of work with children in nursery schools, daycares and similar settings. Most ECEs work with children between the ages of 1 and 5. Some daycares take children up to 10 years old in school program. There are numerous job responsibilities in this field such as helping children develop and build their self- esteem, as well as keep them interested and motivated through different activities. Educators establish routines that allow children to feel comfortable and secure in early setting environment. The role of educators is directing the life of children through several activities for each domain (Career Cruising, n. d.). Some careers after completing Early Childhood Education program: • Early Childhood EducatorAssistant • Early Childhood Educator • Daycare Supervisor Harsharan Bains November 13, 2013 Page-2 CAREERS Early Childhood EducatorAssistant Main duties o Support ECEs in the program developed for the development in all domains of children o Engage children with different activities such as telling stories, preparing crafts and teaching songs in their daily routines. o Assist with proper eating, dressing, playing and toilet habits o Submit written observations on children to ECEs or supervisors o Assist in housekeeping and cooking duties o Join the required meeting related to progress and problems of children o Arranges the room for the safety of children o Assist ECEs and supervisors to keep the records (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, 2013) Employment requirements Early childhood assistants are required the completion of secondary school. Employers give priority to the assistants who have an experience in child care settings. Many employers may choose to hire the assistants who have good observation skills.Assistant must have an early childhood education assistant certificate or post-secondary degree or diploma in early childhood Harsharan Bains November 13, 2013 Page-3 education. To work as an assistant they should have license from provincial or territorial association for ECE. They required to have CPR, first aid training, police record check, and immunization record (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, 2013). Early Childhood Educator Main duties o Develop and implement child care programmes to support and promote the physical, cognitive, emotional and social developmental domain of children for their proper development. o Provide an environment that protects the health, security and well being of children. o Discuss the information of child with parents and other staff members o Plan and organize the activities for children in child care program before or after school hours o Observe the children to know their development level and make reports and portfolios according to the observed behaviour of children. o Establish positive communication with co workers and community service providers o Supervise the activities of other early childhood educators and early childhood educator assistants Harsharan Bains November 13, 2013 Page-4 o Support learning of children through various kind of play such as dramatic, creative or block play (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, 2013). Employment requirements Educators should have bachelor degree in child development. Early childhood educators should have two – four year college program in early childhood education. To work as an ECE, employees need license from provincial or territorial association for ECE. ECE need to be creative and resourceful in planning activities for children to support the development of children in each domain. The ECEs who have good English skills have more chances to get a good job. The training in CPR and First aid is required to enter into this profession. To suit the career as an ECE, employees should have an experience as a part time, summer, or volunteer employee in a daycare facility or community centre. Employers are looking for candidates who like children and have good listening and communication skills. Candidates should be physically strong, have a sense of responsibility. They should have the knowledge about what to do during emergencies. The qualities such as tact, understanding, patience, energy and enthusiasm are in high demand to get jobs (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, 2013). Daycare supervisor Main duties Assist the coordinator with the development and monitoring the Child Care Centre’s budget Maintenance and completion of records for coordinator to support the reporting to sponsoring agencies o Prepare purchase orders and other college forms for appropriate procedures and approval with signing limit of $1000 o Organize program development, planning and implementation in child care. o Coordinate programing of children program with Early Learning and Child Care curriculum o Manage care giver resources by providing them the opportunities to work as a team and plan carefully for child program with improved professional skills. o Assist the
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