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Information Technology Management
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ITM 100
John Peco

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CHAPTER 1 Moores Law Moores Law - computing power (as measured by the maximum number of transistors in an integrated circuit) roughly doubles every 18 months. Connected the notion of underlying changes in the pace of technology with consumer access to lower cost and higher performance computing over time Technology improving 11-15% quarterly Thomas Friedman IT key enabler in making the world flatter and smaller Of the 10 forces identified only one is not directly related to technology 1. Collapse of the Berlin Wall 1989 2. Netscape an early search engine allowing the general public to search the Internet 3. Workflow software using internet technologies to allow work ot be down without human intervention (e.g. the use of Paypal for financial transactions) 4. Open sourcing allowing online contribution and collaboration 5. Outsourcing allowing work to be divided between companies or locations, enabling them to be more efficient; the work is then integrated back to the assigning organization; customer contact call centers are often outsourced 6. Offshoring allowing companies to take their operations to another location, which allows them to produce items better, faster, and cheaper 7. Supply-chaining using technology to streamline operations and provide productsservices to market faster and cheaper 8. Insourcing allowing companies , small and large, to use outside firms to manage key operations on their behalf, thus allowing them to focus on core business (e.g. a company may insource its warehouse and distribution activities so that it can focus on product desin) 9. Informing the ability to find any type of information online 10. The steroids technology such as mobile phones, iPods, instant messaging, and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP)
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