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Information Technology Management
ITM 407
Candace Grant

Read Carrolls article for answers to the following 1 Why does Carroll choose a pyramid for his model and what are the four components that he includes in the modelWhat is the significance of the levelsThis model help the corporations maximize the financial return to shareholders Carroll chooses a pyramid for this model becauseThere are four kinds of social responsibilities o Economic ResponsibilitiesCompanies are responsible to provide goods and services and there is also a profit motive as a primary incentive maximize profit o Legal ResponsibilitiesThe company is responsible to act legally to both the society and to other business a social contractThey must follow law and regulation by federal state and local governments The legal responsible reflect a view of codified ethics o Ethical ResponsibilitiesThey are responsible to act fair justice in all their activity and practices and even though they are not codified into lawThere are responsible to standard norms and expectations to employees society community Ethical responsibilities are made from values and beliefs in societyo Philanthropic Responsib
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