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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 407
Candace Grant

Intellectual Property Read the first reading on Intellectual Property and consider the following questions 1 What is property and how has our concept of property changed with intellectual propertyProperty o it is a complex word o there are practical limitations to the number of physical object one can own o it plays a fundamental role in shaping a society and in preserving its legal order o It is originally is referred to land but it also include any object that an individual holds such as computer car house shoes clothing o The Relationship between individuals in references to things a An individual X b An object Y c The relationship between the individual and object ZIntellectual Property o They are object that are not tangible like creative works inventions expression of idea o They are also known as Nonexclusionaryo An intellectual objet has to do with exactly what it is one can lay legal claim to o It can be easily reproducedAnglo American Law o The property right is a type of natural right that should be granted to individuals for the products that result from the labor expended o The theory is that the property rights is a based on social constructs to help inventors2 Do you think that copying software is wrongI t
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