Module 10 questions with answers
Module 10 questions with answers

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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 407
Candace Grant

Read the article for a better understanding of the three types of intangible assets and answer the following questions Describe the three types of intangible assets individual competence internal structures and external structuresIndividual competence is the ability to act in various situations it includes skill education experience values and social skills o Competence cannot be owned by anyone persons has to posses them for instance employees who are loyaldoes work all the time for those employees companys tend to pay compensation to them especially when they retiregets laid offInternal structure consists of patents concepts models and computer and administrative systems These r created by the employeesowned by the organization o The internal structure and the people together constitute what we generally call the organizationExternal structure consists of relationships with customers and suppliers brand names trademarks and reputation o Some of these can be considered legal property but the bond is not as strong as in the case of internal assets because investments in them cannot be made with the same degree of confidence o The value of such assets is primarily influenced by how well the company solv
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