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LAW 122 Final: Midterm/Final exam notes on Chapters 6, 21, 7, 8

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Ryerson University
Law and Business
LAW 122
Nick Iannazzo

Chapter 6 negligence 2 Elements to be meet For negligence 2 1)Duty of care 3 The legal test for the duty of care for a statement that was made 4 2)Breach of Standard of care Legal test 5 Standard of care for professionals 6 3)Causation 7 FACTUAL causation: the BUTFOR test 7 Proving Factual Causation 9 Legal Causation: Remoteness (this and factual causation must both occur) 9 Defenses to negligence 10 Chapter 21: Business organization 12 1)Sole Proprietorship 12 2)Partnerships: Typology 13 2a)General Partnerships 13 LPs(type 2c) vs. LLPs (type 2b) 15 3)Corporations: 15 Corporations: Incorporation Process 16 Liability of shareholders 18 Separation of Ownership and Management 19 Corporate Finance 19 Shares 19 Contracts: chapter 7 and 8 22 Essential elements of a contract 22 1) Intention to create Legal Relations 23 2) Meeting of the minds 23 2a) offer 24 2b) Managing Risk: Invitation to Treat (invitation for offers) 24 2c) the life of an offer 25 Killing the Offer 25 2d) Acceptance 27 3) Consideration 28 1
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