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MEC 322 Final Review Lathes, drilling, milling, saws, broaching, gears, CNC.docx

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Mechanical Engineering
MEC 322
Vincent Chan

MEC 322 Final Review Lathes, drilling, milling, saws, broaching, gears, CNC Lathes – remove material by rotating the stock and cutting off material using a single point. “swing” is max diameter that can be rotated Types of turning Facing -taper turning -contour turning -form turning Chamfering -cuttoff -threading -boring Work holding in a lathe: -holding the work between centres -chuck -collet -faceplate -dogs -fastest -accurate -irregular shape Tool room lathes are smaller than engine lathes – used to make tools – they are very accurate Turret lathe – variety of different tools, allow faster production Multiple spindle lathes – multiple parts machined at the same time CNC computer numeric control – computer controlled Drill press – 2 flutes on drill bit – creates round holes Through hole exits opposite side -blind hole – doesn’t exit opposite side Types of drilling Reaming -tapping -counter boring -counter sinking Center drilling - spot facing Gang drilling consists of multiple spind
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