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MEC 322 Final Exam Review Chip Theory, Cutting tools, tool failure, tool geometry.docx

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Mechanical Engineering
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MEC 322
Vincent Chan

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MEC 322 Final Exam Review – chip theory, Cutting Temperatures, Cutting Tool Chip Theory Machining – material removal by a sharp cutting tool: turning, milling, drilling. Abrassive Process – material removal by hard abrasive particles: grinding Non-traditional machining – energy processes Machinging – shear deformation of work material (positive and negative rake angles) - Good dimensional accuracy and surface finish  final shape - Wasteful of material, tim consuming Rouching – remove metal (large amounts) – then finishing – final shape Issues with chip formation - Strain hardening high interface pressure plowing around tool Discontinuous chip - Brittle work material - low cutting speeds - large feeds and depth - High tool chip friction Continuous chip - Ductile work material -high cutting speeds - large feed and depth - Sharp cutting edge - low tool chip friction Serrated chip - Semi continuous saw-tooth appearance - - Associated with difficult to machine metals at high cutting speeds Cutting temperatures - 98& of the energy in machining is converted into heat - Causes chip temperature to be very high - Issues – reduce tool like  hot chips pose hazard to operator o Causes inaccuracies due to thermal expansion Cutting Tools Plain Carbon steel – taps, chisels - Taps used at low speeds  heat generation not a concern
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