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18 Apr 2012
1. The study of organizational behavior is concerned with 3 levels of study:
a. executive, interpersonal, and organizational structure
b. management, interpersonal, and work design
c. interpersonal, group dynamics in organizations, and work design
d. individual, group and organizational
2. At the organizational level of the organization, we study topics such as
a. job design and leadership
b. motivation and perception
c. change and culture
d. leadership and motivation
3. The discipline of ____________influences the OB topics of organizational
culture and patterns of behaviour.
a. anthropology
b. sociology
c. engineering
d. psychology
4. Research focusing on the effects of work teams, work motivation and
workplace wellness on organizational performance would be in the field
a. psychology
b. sociology
c. anthropology
d. medicine
5. The Hawthorne studies demonstrated the impact of psychological
processes and __________ pressure on individual behaviour and
a. management
b. peer
c. supervisory
d. administrative
6. Henry Mintzberg divided managerial roles into what three categories?
a. planning, leading and communicating
b. interpersonal, informational and decisional
c. interpersonal, controlling and organizing
d. leading, controlling and communicating
7. Henry Mintzberg’s interpersonal roles include:
a. planning, leading and controlling
b. leading, monitoring and communicating
c. figurehead, liaison and leader
d. monitor, leader and controller
8. Competitors and customers can be considered part of an organization's:
a. formal structure
b. labour market
c. external task environment
d. transformation technology
9. The human, informational, material, and financial resources of an
organization system would be considered:
a. inputs
b. throughputs
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