MUS 505 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: James Reese Europe, Miss Lucy Long, I Really Like You

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26 Feb 2018

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Susanna : beautiful dreamer , jeannie with the light brown hair . It is a i - iv - v progression. Melody can be discussed in terms of its movement, shape, construction, and range: musical texture, the perceived relationship of simultaneous musical sounds, monophony: a singly sound, one line of music. The simplest musical texture: homophony: a musical texture where the parts perform different pitches but move in the same rhythm, polyphony: many sounds. Mus 505 study notes: use of blues structures, first successful country music record made in atlanta, georgia in june. Grand ole opry (1925: the carter family, can the circle be unbroken , unadorned performance, clear timbre, vocal harmony, southern accents, guitar accompaniment, subject of religious devotion, jimmie rodgers, blue yodel no. 2 : uses 12-bar blues, occasional blue notes, but melody is mostly western- African music: early jazz bands differed from regular dance bands, dance bands used violin, guitar, mandolin, bass, wind.