NSE 11A/B Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Grand Theory, Frankfurt School, Nursing Theory

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Week 4 obectives: define key terms listed in the gregory et al (2015) reading (p. 192). Grand nursing theories: theories offering a general orientation or philosophical stance about nursing. Metaparadigm: set of concepts or ideas that is impt to the discipline of nursing- includes concepts that are central to nursing: person, health, nursing, and environment (it has been suggested to add social justice to the metaparadigm. Midrange (middle range) nursing theories: theories informed by practice and research and offer general direction for everyday nursing practice. Nursing practice theories: theories concerned with specific nursing situations and focused interventions. Nursing theories: theories focused on nursing and the care of people- typically addressing elements of the metaparadigm. Social justice: a concept that concerns fairness in societies and states that all people, regardless of financial or social circumstances, ethnic origin, gender, religion, age, impairment and sexuality should have equal chances to succeed in life.

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