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PHL 110
David Chalmers

PHL 110 Philosophy of ReligionFirst Essay AssignmentWinter 2012Instructor David ChecklandDue DateTuesday February 7 3PM Value 30 of final gradeInstructionsWrite an essay of 57 pages in length 11001300 words on one of the following topics1 Wittgenstein says of the religiously committed that None of them was making a mistake except where he was putting forward a theoryExplain what point Wittgenstein is making here and how it is intended as a criticism of Sir James Frazers account of the nature of religious faithcommitmentDiscuss whether or not Wittgensteins critique succeeds and why it does or does not2Summarize and critically evaluate either not both of the first or second of St Thomas Aquinass five ways to prove the existence of God paying attention to both the truth or falsity of Aquinass premises and the reasoning involved in the argument3Averroes counsels a certain approach to interpreting Holy texts in his case the QuranSummarize his view and test its applicability against a selected text the selections from Genesis will do but you can also choose another from any major religionIs his advice sufficient to guide an interpreterWhy or why notNB All essays must be submitted to TurniincomIf no submission is made no grade will be given unless you have opted outLate essays will lose one point 1 of
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