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PHL 302
Glen Hoffmann

1 RYERSON UNIVERSITY PHL302 (011): Ethics and Healthcare Fall 2009 SECOND QUIZ: IDEAL ANSWERS Questions: (1) Define the moral principle of informed consent in healthcare (3 marks). The moral principle of informed consent states that, as a healthcare provider, one ought to acquire the knowing authorization of any competent patient (e.g., mentally competent, of sufficient age and maturity, etc.) for any significant action, procedure or operation, that the patient undergoes. The principle demands two things: (1) informing a patient fully about any significant medical action she might undergo, and (2) acquiring her authorization for this action. (2) Define the moral principle of veracity in healthcare (3 marks). The moral principle of veracity states that healthcare providers should, all things being equal, be truthful and honest in their dealings with patients. In particular, this means healthc
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