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Glen Hoffmann

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1 November 20, 2009 NURSING ETHICS LECTURE 10 I Introduction The last several weeks we have been using theoretical frameworks to examine particular concepts and issues that arise in healthcare. Last week we looked at an important ethical issue that arises in the provision of healthcare: euthanasia. This week will continue to examine euthanasia and its ethical implications 2 II Euthanasia Revisited Euthanasia is a kind of mercy killing. Euthanasia: the killing of one person by another for beneficent reasons, or for reasons which will promote the good of the person being killed or some other set of persons. Euthanasia, weve seen, is an important ethical issue that arises in the provision of healthcare. Are they any situations in which a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare practitioner can perform euthanasia on a patient?
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