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PHL 606
Christopher Thomson

PHL 606PHILOSOPHY OF LOVE AND SEXLecture NotesWEEK 12Platos SymposiumSet in 416 BCE when Agathon won the prize for best tragedy Written Between 385370Winning this is a huge accomplishment The symposium was held in Agathons honorA symposium is a ranking arty where you eat and greet others Setup looks like a horseshoe It is highly structured where everyone is entertaining his or her intellectual First thing decided is how much water they put in their wine Greeks never drink their wine straight They then decided what they should do to entertain themselves They decide to each say a speech about LoveImportance of Theatre to the Greeks Considered a religious festival which is why women were allowed to go Ancient Greece Philosophers In order according to teachers Women were not included as well as poor Socrates 469399 BCEPlato 427347 BCEAristotle 384322 BCESpeeches What is lovePhaedrus says love is the great friend of mankind We should worship the goddess of love Love inspires the best in people in order to impress Love is ennobling you want to be impressive and virtuous He argues that both men and women will distinguishsacrifice their lives for the person they love He says the best army would be of lovers and their loved ones Love is a motivator for virtue He didnt tell us what love was but what the result of love isPausanuis Understand that he is making the speech primarily to Agathon they were life long lovers gay He basically instills the love they have of the beautiful mind of the other person since they are young and old Focuses on samesex and intergenerational He says that Phaedrus is not right He says there are 2 kinds of loveDevine a love for the fine mind a potential for great virtue Lasts a lot longer since a mind gets better and betterCommon the love of a beautiful body based on physical attraction The body deteriorates resulting in a shorter span for this kind of loveWhether love is good or not depends on who loves who and why or how they are Homoerotism is a kind of celebration and admiration for the male Since love is the love a beautiful mind and those who have the potential to have these virtues Which means that youd have to love a man since it was seen that women do not have this fine mind That was the dominant view of the time This view comes from a view of male supremasismVirtues for the ancient GreeceJusticeCourageSelfControlWisdomHe also says there is sexual attraction An aristocratic man never has a conversation with a woman of their class but instead just with men Women were not accessible and there is sexual desire therefore they must to someone However this is not to be confused with homosexualityRelationship that is asymmetrical The older man is in love with the younger man The younger does not love It I unidirectional so its also in the sexual aspects When the young man finds the older man is fond of him The attitude of the young one must be that they want to be in the relationship to help his virtue and better their virtue Only then the younger man will yield he lets the man have his way with himLoverloved oneMentorprotgEuryximachus Love is a great healing principle Aristophanes Decides to tell a narrative that will capture insights to what he thinks is love Says there was a time that a race lived on the earth different from people today they were the combination of 2 people as one a manman combo and a womanwoman combo and a manwomanhermaphrodites The idea was to cut them in two and turns their heads around to see the part of the body that has been cut off So theyd run around and find their other half and just love and embrace themselves and die off So then he says he will create sexual reproduction organs to the front to give them satisfaction temporarily to help carry on in life He says throughout our entire lives we look for our other half so its a desire for physical and psychological union with another person This is a view or sexual orientation where it has to do with nature not culture You are born this was it is your natureLove is thefor and pursuit of wholeness that is for physicalpsychological re union with our other half physiological merges unto a single psycheHe also celebrates the male he celebrates the maleAgathonTragedian He has been living for years with Pausanius He says love is not the oldest of the gods but the youngest since love is forever young Instead of love being like a doctor instead he says love is a poet Love is a great source of expressionwhen people fall in love they develop a need to express
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