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BIO210 The Urinary System part 1.docx

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PSY 971
Shavin Malhotra

BIO210 The Urinary System part 1: Anatomy pg. 954-963; 984-991 The urinary system -3 major activies excretion-ex. Urea(break down of aa acid), uric acid(break down of nucleotide such as RNA) Elimination Homeostatic regulation Functions of urinary system 1.Blood V is regulated and can control how much water is lost. ex. More water intake, you urinate more 2. Filters or puts back the ions. Kidney release calcitriol and goes to intestine, and controls Ca absorption. 3. 4. 5. Deaminate aa acid during starvation and is used for energy. Anatomical [position -Left side is slightly superior than the right kidney Fibrous capsule is made of collagen fiber that surrounds the outer organ. Renal Fascia – anchors kidney and uses periotonium. Renal nerve.--> control change in blood flow. Filters amount o
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