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Quantitative Methods
QMS 102
Jason Chin- Tiong Chan

For Questions 1 to 6, refer to the following information The following data show the lowest round-trip airfares (per person) departing Toronto in June 2012, which was advertised Destination city Round-trip airfare (per Tax ($) person) before tax ($) Cancun 95 287 Orlando 99 225 Varadero 105 220 Punta Cana 325 330 Holguin 355 220 Panama 344 245 Manchester 349 410 Birmingham 349 408 Frankfurt 399 337 Rome 399 315 Las Vegas 519 245 Paris 544 363 Sydney 840 247 Bangkok 1258 365 Hong Kong 1799 266 Taipei 1999 230 Tokyo 799 378 Question 1 Compute the sample coefficient of variation for the round-trip airfares (per person) before tax Question 2. Which measures of central tendency would be a better measure, mean or median, to represent the data on the The round-trip airfares (per person) before tax? Question 3. th Which destination city has the 62 percentile round-trip airfare (per person) before tax? Question 4. Use The round-trip airfares (per person) before tax data for answering the following data. Calculate a. The mode b. The sample standard deviation c. The interquartile range 1 Question 5. The following table shows a sample data regarding the 5 Fast Food chains in Toronto. Fast Food Number of Stores Sales per store ($1000) Total Profit ($1000) Chains Qopeye 2 1258 1500 Mentucky 5 974 800 McMonald 3 485 4500 B &W 4 763 2600 Paco Bell 3 469 3900 a. What is the mean profit per store? b. What is the overall average sales per store? c. What is the mean profit per chain? d. What is the overall average sales per chain? Question 6. In July 2011, a sample of 18 organic coffee shops in Toronto charged the following amounts, in dollars, for a large cup of coffee (including tax). The following stem-and- leaf display shows the large coffee prices ranged from $4.12 to $4.48. Large Coffee Prices (in dollars) Stems Leaves 4.1 233 4.1 68889 4.2 034 4.2 68 4.3 4.3 89 4.4 4.4 678 Determine a. The median coffee price b. the 30 percentile coffee price th c. the 86 percentile coffee price Question 7. In a survey the respondent is asked to report the number of siblings. The scale of measurement used is: 2 A. Nominal B. Interval C. Ratio D. Ordinal E. None of the above Question 8. A questionnaire asks the respondent to report the color of his/her laptop. The scale of measurement of the response data is: A. Nominal B. Interval C. Ratio D. Ordinal E. None of the above Question 9. What is your anti-virus software? McAfee AVG 8.0 AVG 8.1 or higher Norton 4.0 None of the above Refer to the question above being asked on the survey form by Ryerson University. What is the measurement scale of the response data? A. Ordinal B. Interval - Continuous C. Ratio Discrete D. Ratio Continuous E. Nominal For Questions 10 to 16, refer to the following information The following information is regarding the final exam result for CQMS204 in Fall 2011 Minimum 9 First Quartile 37 Second Quartile 51 Interquartile Range 28 Mean 51 3
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