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Crib Sheet for Quiz 1

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Ryerson University
Quantitative Methods
QMS 202
Clare Chua

Confidence Interval Estimation for the Mean sd is known Sample meanZvalue sdnof samples Determine ZValue DIST NORMInvN CNTR 099 for 99 example 1 0Definitions Census A set of date that includes ALL members of a population Sample A subset of a population Sample size number of elements in a sample is denoted as n Population size number of elements in a population is denoted as N Population Proportion is denoted asSample proportion is denoted as p Population Mean is denoted as or M Sample Mean is denoted as xbar Parameter measurement describing the population egorEstimation using sample data to estimate the unknown population parameterorConfidence interval an interval that is likely to include a population parameterorgiven a confidence level usually expressed in percentageThe interval is point estimatethe margin of error Which is point estimatecritical value standard error The c
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