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Quantitative Methods
QMS 230
Douglas Mc Kessock

1. Records indicate that the average arrival rate of customers at a gasoline service station is 4.3 arrivals every 10 minutes. The arrivals are independent and random. a. 5 What is the probability that less than 7 customers arrive in a 10 minute period ? 0.8558 =POISSON(6,4.3,1) 0.8955 b. 5 What is the probability that more than 8 will arrive in the next half hour ? =1-POISSON(8,12.9,1) c. 5 A half hour has passed and 7 customers have arrived, what is the probability that if you 0.9549 keep counting for another half hour there will be at least 15 in total? =(1-POISSON(15,4.3*6, 1))-(POISSON(7,4.3*3,0)) ____________________________________________________________________- On Dec 2, 2008 in Barrie 12 percent of customers purchase premium grade gasoline. 80 percent purchase regular grade gasoline and the rest purchased mid-grade gasoline. The purchases are independent of each other.
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