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Ryerson University
Social Sciences and Humanities
SSH 205
Scott Clark

Debate orAnalysis? • Debates tend to organize info into a 0-sum game: either I’m right or you’re right • They aim for convincing rather than analyzing. • Instead of “which is better, X or Y?” ask yourself: o What can I truthfully say about X or Y? How can X or Y be accomplished? What are the causes of X or Y? Ideas vs. Opinions • Opinions are definitive; they stifle both debate and analysis. • Ideas are flexible. • They tend to be generated by carefully pondered questions. • So…. Not “Which is better: cats or dogs?” • But: “What kind of pet would best suit my friend?” • Ideas:An unexpected question; a puzzling observation; an anomaly you have noticed; the exploration of an implicit question. What is a Summary? • Summary: an abridged version of the text that highlights its main points. Summaries tend to give readers a good idea of what to expect in the work they are about to read. How To Write a Good Summary: • Separate the essential from the inessential. What are the ideas your text absolutely cannot do without? • Get rid of redundancy. Do not repeat yourself! • Decide what is the main idea of the text and lead with it in your topic sentence. • Do not editorialize! Asummary is not an interpretation. • Paraphrase and acknowledge!Although summaries rarely include citations, be sure to acknowledge them if you use them. • Be brief! Asummary rarely exceeds 200 - 250 words. Reformulate • Be suspicious of your first
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