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Social Work
May Friedman

Social Work Practice Neoliberalism: Baines: An overview of anti- oppressive social work practice: Neoliberalism, inequality and change Pages 25-47 1. “Neoliberalism impacts the labour force and front-line social work practice.” 2. “Changes in service models reflect a shift from more liberal and social-democratic values to neoliberal pro-market values, such as people with disabilities having to meet certain criteria to be eligible for services that are minimal and tightly quantified.” 3. “Neoliberal governments promote policies that expand opportunities for businesses and corporations to increase their profits while shrinking the funds available for human services.” 4. “Some people argue that it is an outgrowth of a capitalist system, while others believe it is brand new.” 5. “In terms of social policy, neoliberalism discourages government programs and supports, encouraging people to purchase care from private providers or turn to their families.” ~This is possible for the well off, while the less-fortunate find themselves with very little 6. “Neoliberal governments also encourage cuts in social service funding and privatization of services, with the result that the welfare state has been drastically reduced from that which developed after the Second World War and up to the mid-1980s.” 7. “Neoliberalism: an approach to social, political and economic life that discourages collective or government services, instead encouraging reliance on the private market and individual skill to meet social needs in the social welfare arena, this approach has resulted in reduced funding for social programs, new service user groups, and workplaces with fewer resources and increased surveillance, management control and caseload size. World-wide it has resulted in a growth of poverty, decrease in democracy and increased social and environmental devastation.” 8. “Anti-oppressive social work has become harder to do because of the increasingly aggressive nature of globalization and neoliberal governments’ response to it in the form of policies and practices.” 9. “The gap between the rich and poor has widened under globalization, generating new populations of impoverished and marginalized people in need of social support at a time when neoliberal policies have ensured that social supp
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