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SOC 202
Sean Springer

“The Bachelor – Fairytale Romance Creating Unrealistic Beliefs About LoveAnd Marriage” The Bachelor is a show that is based on the idea of fairytale romance. This theme of the show projects an idea of living in a fairytale, which is far away from reality. The specific episode that I watched is “The Bachelor: Sean and Catherine's Wedding” aired on January 26, 2014 onABC. The show focuses on a fairytale connection to romance, which reinforces the ideology of patriarchal heterosexuality, meaning that the most important goal of a woman is to marry a man. The show also emphasizes on the concept of male dominance in a society by encouraging the stereotyped gender roles, where a man protects and takes care of a woman, and the woman sole aim is to get married. Moreover, the show is a perfect example of how media is dominating our society and shaping our beliefs and values by targeting its audience. The Bachelor has a fairytale ending- and they lived happily ever after- focusing on a woman who will be selected by her “prince charming”, the bachelor. This fairytale concept portrays patriarchal heterosexuality, which means that the dominant form of sexuality, also the norm of a society, is heterosexuality. Women in the show are shown as obsessed with the bachelor as well as with the concept of marrying the bachelor. The show focuses on unrealistic ideas about finding love and romance. The show portrays women being brought on lavish dates that are far from reality, and aren’t very achievable for a typical woman. The show creates unrealistic ideas of love and romance in the minds of its viewers,
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