SOC 885 Study Guide - Final Guide: Islamic Modernism, Iranian Revolution, Ender Wiggin

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20 Apr 2012
Final Exam Review:
-discussed in Chittick’s article
-it is widely misunderstood, it is not simply a modern version of Islam or a breakaway faction of Islam
-Sufism = the spiritual, interior or mystical aspect of Islam
-Chititck argues that Sufism ideas are derived from the Quran and hadith
-watched film Sufi Soul; focuses on the music of Islam, gives historical and sociological background
-discussed by Barla
-it is a form of marriage in which a man had 2 or more wives at the same time
-in 1990’s, ender discourses among Muslim groups weren’t equal, Muslim groups developed
conservative understandings of gender, they promoted polygamous marriages
Questions raised for women regarding their careers
Urged women to cover entire body
-many majority Muslim countries retain the traditional Sharia which interprets teachings of the Quran to
permit polygamy with up to 4 wives, as long as it is practiced under specified conditions
Patriarchy (broad):
-discussed by Barla
-it is the politics of sexual differentiation that privileges males by transforming biological sex into
sexualized gender that prioritizes the male and makes the women different
-difference does not mean inequality
Patriarchy (narrow):
-discussed by Barla
-refers to a specific mode of rule by father
-in its religious and traditional forms, it assumes a real symbolic confirmation between the father/father,
represents god as father or by representing the father or husband as a ruler over his wife and
-discussed by Barla
-refers to the general hatred of women
- can be manifested in numerous ways including sexual discrimination, violence against women and
-she used this term to describe how the Quran is sometimes read
Jamaat - e - Islami:
-used in Jamal’s article
-it is a party that is considered to be one of the key transnational movements of Islamic modernism and
- founded in pre-Partition India in 1941 by Maulana Abul Ala Maududi
-the party cannot be considered anti-modern or pre-modern, it needs to seen as attempt to bring into
existence a new relationship with colonial, western, modernity
-party has a wide appeal among Muslim men and women such as in Europe, U.K, and North America
- focuses on the abandonment of the past
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