SOC 885 Lecture Notes - Burqa, Religious Pluralism

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19 Apr 2012
Friday March 2nd, 2012
Tutorial 5
1. Polygyny Rinaldo
Def: A form of marriage which a man has 2 or more wives at the same time.
in the 1990’s, Indonesia (in Soharto’s time):
Gender discourses among Muslims groups weren’t oriented equality.
- Some Muslim groups developed conservative understandings of gender than were the norm in
- They promoted polygamous marriages; questioned careers for women; urge women to cover
entire body
2. Misogyny Jabbra
Def: The hatred of women or girls.
The Taliban immobilised Afghan women movements. They enforced their tyrannical rules on them
and forced women to wear burqa, obtain no education, and not to work.
Islam is not the reason of hate towards women but misogyny.
3. Sufferage Kandiyoti
Def: the right to vote gained thru the democratic process
women’s suffrage is the right to vote on the same terms as men.
Eqypt outlawed Feminist groups after granting suffrage in 1956.
Turkey: women’s attempts at political organization were discouraged a year after suffrage.
Main point was the mobilization of women to aid the expansion of new cadres and the socialization of a
uniform citizenry. Advances in education and labor force for women.
4. Reformasi Rinaldo (means ``reform``)
Resulted in Soharto’s resignation in 1998.
it was due to women’s groups, environmental organizations, and muslim student group which
developed a common discourse of human rights, democracy and religious pluralism.
5. Anti-Pornography Bill Rinaldo (Passed in Oct.2008)
Bill outlaws pornographic acts and images, broadly defining pornography as “man-made sexual
materials in the form of drawings, sketches, illustrations, photographs, text, voice, sound, moving
pictures, animations, cartoons, poetry, conversations and gestures.”
it also makes illegal public performances which could “incite sexual desire”
6. Busana Muslim Rinaldo “muslim clothing”
NOT all women in Indonesia wear muslim clothing.
There is a mix of western styles and traditional style (Kain-skirt/Kabaya-lacy blouse) of clothing worn.
- Under soharto era, Kain and Kabaya were heavily promoted as Indonesia’s national dress for women.
PKS women usually wear simple jilbabs (scarfs), baggy tunics, long skirts and heavy socks with little
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