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Tutorial 5

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SOC 885
Amina Jamal

Friday March 2 , 2012 Tutorial 5 1. Polygyny – Rinaldo  Def: A form of marriage which a man has 2 or more wives at the same time.  in the 1990’s, Indonesia (in Soharto’s time): Gender discourses among Muslims groups weren’t oriented equality. - Some Muslim groups developed conservative understandings of gender than were the norm in Indonesia - They promoted polygamous marriages; questioned careers for women; urge women to cover entire body 2. Misogyny – Jabbra Def: The hatred of women or girls.  The Taliban immobilised Afghan women movements. They enforced their tyrannical rules on them and forced women to wear burqa, obtain no education, and not to work.  Islam is not the reason of hate towards women but misogyny. 3. Sufferage – Kandiyoti  Def: the right to vote gained thru the democratic process  women’s suffrage is the right to vote on the same terms as men.  Eqypt outlawed Feminist groups after granting suffrage in 1956.  Turkey: women’s attempts at political organization were discouraged a year after suffrage. Main point was the mobilization o
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