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Biomedical Physio & Kines
BPK 110
Diana Bedoya

KIN 110 Final Exam Review How is energy extracted from lipids o Triglycerides are broken down into fatty acids and glycerol A triglyceride is 3 fatty acids attached to a glycerol Glycerol is converted to pyruvate and glucose The glucose enters at the beginning of the cellular respiration cycle Pyruvate combines with coenzyme A and enters the citric acid cycle Beta oxidation breaks down fatty acids to make acetyl CoA in the citric acid cycleRank from highest to lowest which lipoprotein contains the greatest proportion of triglycerides Chylomicron HDL LDL and VLDL ChylomicronHDLLDLVLDL o Rank from highest to lowest for the greatest amount of cholesterol LDLHDLVLDLChylomicron o Chylomicrons and VLDLs delivery TGs to the body cells with the help of what enzyme Lipoprotein lipase o How do HDLs reduce blood cholesterolHDLs pick up cholesterol from other body cells and other lipoproteins and bring the cholesterol back to the liverList and produce the functions of proteins o Structural enzymes antibodies transport proteins lipoproteins ion pumps hormones
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