KIN 140 Chapter 3: Personal Stress Management - Quiz

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Biomedical Physio & Kines
BPK 140
Diana Bedoya

Chapter 3 True/False 1. High cortisol levels can cause build-up of excess weight around the waist. This is even true for slender premenopausal women who face increased stress with poor coping skills. ANSWER: T Elevated cortisol levels influence metabolism 2. Results form the 1998 Canadian Campus Survey show that those students at greatest risk from stress are in their final year of studies ANSWER: F 1ST year students 3. An Ipsos-Reid survey conducted on Canadian university students found that almost 100% of students experienced high stress levels when studying for exams. ANSWER: F 40% 4. Finding ways to regain equilibrium when life presents unexpected challenges can help to lower our stress levels. ANSWER: T Must deal directly with unexpected challenges to minimize their effects 5. An effective strategy to deal with procrastination is to start with what you like doing the most, and then concentrate on what you don’t like to do. ANSWER: F what you DON’T want to do Multiple Choice 1. A global study led by Canadian researchers found that the two-thirds of myocardial infarctions (heart attacks) could be predicted by the following risk factors: a. smoking and diabetes b. smoking and abnormal rates of blood lipids c. smoking and psychosocial factors d. smoking and hypertension ANSWER: B Two strongest predictors of myocardial infarctions 2. Women and mend tend to respond to stress differently. The following statement is FALSE: a. Males under stress tend to react with the ‘fight or flight’ response b. Females usually respond with the ‘tend and befriend’ strategy c. Women under stress reach out to males for protection d. Men secrete testosterone under stress, often increasing hostility and aggression. ANSWER: C women tend to reach out to other women 3. Aboriginal students in Canada have greater chance for success in formal education when: a. their cultures are reflected meaningfully in the c
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