KIN 140 Chapter 7: Healthy Eating for Weight Management - Quiz

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Simon Fraser University
Biomedical Physio & Kines
BPK 140
Diana Bedoya

Chapter 7 True/False 1. Almost 20 percent of children were living with common-law parents in Quebec, more than double the national average. ANSWER: T Common law union is most prevalent in Quebec 2. Stats Canada reports that fewer Canadian couples are getting divorced, and those that do are divorcing at a later age ANSWER: T Divorce rates are lowering and marriages are persevering for longer periods 3. The legalization of same-sex marriage in Canada became a reality with Bill C-38 in the year 1999. ANSWER: F correct Bill, but year was 2005 4. Findings of a 20-year longitudinal study of sexual behaviour among students at a Canadian college showed that males had significantly higher levels of sexual behaviour and permissive sexual attitudes than females ANSWER: T Males attitudes toward sexual behavior is more permissive than in females in Canadian colleges 5. Netting and Burnett , in their 20 year study of sexual behaviour among students at a Canadian college, found that 72% of the students had ever asked their partner to be tested for any sexually transmitted infection ANSWER: F correct answer is 27% Multiple Choice 1. According to Statistics Canada and other research, the following statement is true with reference to couples living common-law: a. cohabiters were less likely to have affairs as married couples b. the longer they live together without marrying, the less likely they will have problems. c. couples living common-law tend to develop a low commitment ethic, the opposite of what they need for a successful marriage d. common-law unions tend to have less episodes of domestic violence and child abuse ANSWER: C Stats & research point to less commitment in common law unions 2. The following is true about the legalization of gay and lesbian marriage in Canada: a. In 2000, Bill C-23 granted same-sex couples who had lived together for more than a year the same benefits and obligations as heterosexual common-law couples b. In 2002, the Ontario Superior Court ruled that prohibiting gay and lesbian couples from marrying was unconstitutional and violated the Charter of Rights and Freedoms c. Parliament passed Bill C-38 in 2005, legalizing gay and lesbian marriage in Canada d. all of the above contributed to the legalization of gay and lesbian marriage in Canada ANSWER: D These important steps and others led to legalization 3.A 20 year longitudinal study at a Canadian college that analyzed changes in sexual behaviour among students (1980-2000) found: a. on average, men had their first sexual experience at 16 and women at 17 b. the proportion of committed relationships rose and casual sex declined c. females were more likely than males to have sex with strangers.
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