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Business Economics
BUEC 232
Lorene Linklater

BUEC 232Summer 2014 Data and Decisions ILorene Linklater Final Exam Review Special Office Hours before the Final Exam Date Time Location TA Tuesday 900 AM100 PM WMC 2305 Lewis August 5 Wednesday 930 AM130 PM WMC 2305 Soheil August 6 Friday 830 AM1230 PM WMC 2305 Derek August 8If you have questions and need an answer outside of these office hours please email one of the TAsSoheil Mahmoodzadeh email smahmoodsfuca Lewis Matthews email lewismatthewssfucaDerek Yip email derekysfucaInformation about the Final Exam3 hours in length 1214 multiple choice questions on material covered before the midterm36 multiple choice questions on material covered after the midtermMultiple choice questions are worth 2 marks each7 written questions with parts all based on material covered after the midtermWARNING Make sure your scantron is filled in correctly with a pencilName LastFirstLeave one Section D100 blank column Special code0001 for Version 1 0002 for Version 2 0003 for Version 3 0004 for Version 4Page 1 of 5 2014 Lorene Linklater ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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