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CHEM 122
Garry Mund

thChem 122 Final Exam on Sunday April 13 1200300 pm in rooms 2600 and 2740 covering material from the entire course the room in which you will be writing the exam will be sent to you via email Please be on timeno extra time will be given for late arrivalsItems to bring with you for the examPencilEraser Chem 122 required calculator SHARP EL510RNStudent IDUpcoming Schedule thFriday April 4 class I will use class time to go over some thermodynamic and electrochemistry examplesthWednesday April 9 class I will use class time to go over some of the practice questions contained in this review packagethThursday April 10 Office hour 9001100 am in 2918thFriday April 11 Office hour 100300 pm in 2918NOTE The only aids provided will be physical constants standard reduction potentials table 111 and the equations below so try the practice questions with this in mind The aids from the first part of the course were given in the previous review packagePhysical Constants Unit Conversions and Equations Use Table 111 for standard reduction potentials 11Gas constantR008206 L atm K mol 11Gas constantR83145 J K mol 231Avogadros number6022 x 10 mol Faradays constant96485 coulombsmole eTKTC2731514K10 x 10 at 25C W 2acbb42xUseto solve quadratic equations of the general form axbxc0 a22V Q RTGGlnlnnRT qwrevrevV1 05910 C25at log Q EE nK11H2SH1 ln KlnTTRK121RTR
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