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Andrew Blaber

Sept 26 Chapter 16: Parker J. Palmer •INTRO •says that every human has a unique nature with potentials and limitations •says people shouldn't wear other people's faces and show your real self...this is one step toward achieving happiness •his vocation is the spiritual life, the quest for God [eye of the heart] ? feeling ? passion ? spiritual ? female ? community •his avocation is education and knowledge [eye of the mind] ? thinking ? reason ? knowledge ? male ? networks ? science •says that both of what he believes in cannot merge together...a paradox that separates the fact and feeling but he states that there is a truth to both sides •he grew up in 1940s,50s, in a white upper middle class •he characterized his uni life as 'shadow and light'...was drawn up by light and left uni with a sense of hope-a feeling for community and passion for social change •he started from the heart to the mind and back to the heart (his life is already a paradox) •instead became a community organizer although he had a doctorate in sociology •started writing and became popular to the national [wrote about community and power of paradox, and about spirituality, education, and christianity] •became a writer, speaker, workshop facilitator, consultant for educational, community, and religious organizations •teaches how the education of the head and the heart can produce effective social change •is one of the most influential leaders active today •suggests that modern society has embraced a scientific objectivism as the only or ultimate reality •to have pure knowledge of the ultimate reality, we must disconnect from the reality [physical&emotional] •humans have been socializing and have been believing that science is the answer to real knowledge..ignoring the spiritual elements •modern world is hidden from understanding and appreciating the wholeness and wonder of life •encourages us to 'entertain the possible truths of seemingly opposite but profound statements •we should 'stop thinking the world in pieces and start to think it together again' •separation of facts from feelings produce 'bloodless facts that make the world distant and remote and ignorant emotions that reduce truths to how one feels'...[so think.. “What Do YOU think/feel about this?” •open our minds to paradoxical thinking that leads to creative synthesis of the spiritual reality from the heart and objective reality from the mind •to think like ^^^, we need good teachers who know their own hearts..must be comfortable in their own beings...but not like teachers who are to 'be themselves'/think whatever they think/who cares about content of your thoughts..just share whatever you feel...NO. •-eg: teachers shouldn't teach some subject matter if they don't believe in it -i remember my high school teacher who would teach something but said that she doesn't believe in it..but still teaches us this because she has to/it's her job •his goal of education: 'each individual develop his or her authentic self' •think..'who is the self that teaches?' •“reality is a web of communal relationships and we can know reality by being in community with it” •-this develops socializing with others with the same interest or belief and increase complex c
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