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Simon Fraser University
Andrew Blaber

Catharine Macaulay •she was ignored on the contributions of educational philosophy •she knew much about the history of english civil war •looked at the women's pov in the war •agreed with rousseu that there are differences in nature of men and women and leads to complementary societal roles •life history: •taken care by a governess cause her mom died when she was 2yo •given education like any other upper-class girls •shared her learning experiences with siblings; had self-education •had a passion for history •published political history books after her husband's death (17 c)h •she rebelled against the traditional marriage norms (marrying older men) and the general women roles th in 18 c •nature in each being has the potential to reach perfection, which is the mind that integrates men and women characteristics •however, this has never happened because of the miseducation experiences of females and males •arts of female allurement •women accept their roles too easily and too willingly to attract males •the proper education should be: •cultivate genderless virtues that compromise the cosmic/divine mind and that are associated with perfection •ultimate virtue is benevolence: contains the principle of every moral duty •defined as disposition to do good so as to promote happiness in others •related to Aristotle's concept of virtues •argues how formal education and socialization o
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