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Andrew Blaber

Ch 11- Maxine Greene •her life: •grew up in a world where intellectual adventure was not encouraged •states that to be free means to be engaged in searching for or creating an authentic public space where diverse human beings can appear before one another as the best they know how to be •freedom means to overcome obstacles and challenges we overcome and to fulfill our potential •experience once going over a challenge/obstacle •eg: rock analogy...your choice to climb you care? •freedom is impossible for ones who think carelessly and doesn't understand the obstacles •these obstacles we face are to overcome universal realities impervious to human action •so educators are responsible for giving the students the freedom •since freedom can't be taught, the educators provide a freedom like environment •this way, students can discover and experience the realities and don't have to feel restricted •an educated person is one who cares, who recognizes these obstacles that people face, and actually facing these challenges •also, it is also one who poses critical questions about the worlds they live in, about the people they engage and interact with, and about how to improve that, and one who seeks the human conditions offered by others •since freedom is characterizes the human condition and so we all have to be more wide awake Dialect of freedom •today, many people have a lack of care •even if there is liberty, people do not use that advantage and don't have enough freedom •many people believe autonomy (independence) is the prime characteristic of education •to be autonomous is to be independent and being responsible •
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