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EDUC 220
John Nesbit

EDUC 220 FINALS REVIEWER Educational Psychology, Fifth Canadian Ed. Woolfolk, Winne, Perry. CHAPTER 8: COMPLEX COGNITION PROCESSES Metacognition – knowledge about our own thinking processes - Used to monitor and regulate cognitive processes such as reasoning, comprehension, problem solving, etc - Allows us to plan, monitor, evaluate…. o Plan – how much time I give to a task, what strategy to use, how to start and what order to follow o Monitor – real time awareness of “how I’m doing” o Evaluate – involves making judgments about the processes and outcomes of thinking and learning Metacognition involves three kinds of knowledge… 1. Declarative knowledge – about yourself as a learner, what factors influence your learning and memory 2. Procedural knowledge – knowing how to use the strategies 3. Self-regulatory knowledge – to ensure the completion of the task; knowing the conditions and when and why to apply the procedures and strategies Learning Strategies – general plans for approaching learning tasks Learning Tactics – specific techniques for learning, such as using mnemonics or outlining a passage Examples….. - Deciding what is important - Underlining and Highlighting - Taking Notes - Summaries Principles about skills and strategies (p.270) 1. Students must be exposed to a number of different strategies 2. Should be taught self-regulatory knowledge about when, where and why to use various strategies 3. Must develop a desire to employ these skills 4. Should receive direct instruction in schematic knowledge Concept Map – a drawing that charts the relationships among ideas Cmaps – free download
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