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Ch 7 Cognitive views of learning.doc

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EDUC 220
Robin Barrow

Ch 7 Cognitive views of learningCog and behaviorists believe reinforcement is imp but dif reasonsBehaviorists strengthenweaken responsesCog source of info of whats likely to happen if behaviors are repeatedchanged Cog view sees learning as extended and transforming the understanding we already havenot just writing associationsInstead of being influenced by enviro we actively choose practice pay attention ignore reflect make decisionsEarly cogacquisition of knowledgenow constructionPrefrontal cortex develops as we matureBy age 7 kids canIntegrate the present w the past connect experiencesAnticipate the future dev what is sooner and whats laterRely on semantic categoriesdetect relationships bw events and concepts eg smaller shortercog approach imp elements in learning process is what the individual brings to new learning situationsdomainspecific knowledge knowledge on a certain task or subjectgeneral knowledge info useful in many dif tasks or applies to a lot of situations like readingCog views of memoryinfoprocessing human minds activity taking in storing and using infosensory memory is large can take in more info than we can handle at oncebut this large amount of sensory info is fragile in durationlasts 13seceg pinching and let gohurt brief sensory registered wave pencil in front of eyes and removestill see pencil for a few momentsperception adds meaning to stimuli bottomup example3if I asked you what letter you say B If what number you say 13 Gestalt principleperceive as a whole but if we rely perception of feature analysis and gestaltlearningslowPrototype best example of representative of that categoryTopdown process perceive based on what you already know Attention takes effort and is a limited resourceMany processes that used to require attention and concentration can become automatic with practiceEg learning to drive carcan drive while turning on radio think about somethingBUT automatic doesnt mean its completely automatic only to some degreeWM is limited eg profs race through their lectureshard for students to process everything bc WM is limitedCentral executive control attention and mental resources phonological group and visuospatial sketchpadDuration of info in WM is 520s unless you keep rehearsingInfo in WM may be in the form of sounds images or abstractly on meaningCognitive load volume of resources necessary to complete a taskIntrinsic cog load resources require by the task itself with no other s
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