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Ch 3 Self and social and moral development.doc

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Simon Fraser University
EDUC 220
Robin Barrow

Ch 3 Self and social and moral developmentBronfenbrenner social context for developmentIncludes more than cognitive devincludes physical social and moral developmentContext setting or situation that surrounds and interacts with the personeventIncludes internal and external situations that interact with ones thoughts feelings and actions to shape development and learningin this case focus on contexts outside the person enviroschool homeContext affect how actions are interpreted eg when a stranger approach baby it cries if setting is unfamiliarnot when at homeBioecological model of dev social contets where we develop are exosystems bc theyre in constant interaction and influence each othereach person lives within a microsystem in a mesosystem in a exosystem all part of the macrosystemMicrosystem ones immediate relationships and activityMesosystem interactions and relationships among all elements of the microsystem eg familiesExosystem social settings that affect child although child isnt a direct member of that system eg teachers relation with admin parents jobsMacrosystem larger societylaw values traditionsBronfenbrenners 2 lessons for teachersInfluences in all social systems are reciprocalThere are many forces that interact to create the context for individual developmentImportant social contexts families peers teachersFamilies Blended families Extended families so dont say your parents mother fatherParenting stylesauthoritative lottsa love firm without being too harshunreasonable authoritarian too controlling no love strict unpopular perform less well in schoolpermissive warm with little control too much freedom immature demanding rebelliousrejectingneglecting no warmth nor control kids become depressedalcoholdrugsculture and parentinghigher controlauthoritarian parentsbetter grades for African and Asianscultures with great respect for elders and a more groupcentered rather than individualistmisread their obedience as authoritarianAttachment and parenting style The first emotional attachment is bw child and parentscaregiverThose who form secure attachments with caregiver get comfort when needed and more confident to explore world cause they can count on the caregiverThose who form disorganized attachments can be fearful anxious clinging rejecting with caregiversAuthoritarian parenting styles MAY form insecure attachmentsKids with secure attachments with parents are less dependent on teachers and interact with other kidsDivorce divorce rates for longer coupleslower than for second marriagesthe first 2 years after a divorce is most difficultproblems in school losegain weight sleep difficultiesdivorce may also lead to increasing responsibility maturity coping skillswell adjustedPeers and friends central to students livesPeer groups social groups formed from shared interest and valuesCliques smaller friendshipbased groupstight Crowds less intimate loosely organized groups where member may or may not interact with one anotherParticipation in peer groups is associated with positive outcomes for kids like learn to cooperate control negative emotions hostile impulses support kids with stressPeer cultures diff group of studentsset of ruleshow to dress style hair interact with others styleEg mean girlsFriendships key features are reciprocity and equalityoffer mutual support and loyaltyCan influence motivation and achievement in school supportWhos likely to have problems with peersNew students who are physically intellectually ethnically linguistically different may be rejected
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