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Ch 10 social cognitive views of learning and motivation.doc

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EDUC 220
Robin Barrow

Ch 10 social cognitive views of learning and motivationSocial learning theory learning through observation of others banduraSocial cognitive theory cog factors added to social learning theory like beliefs selfperception expectationsHuman adaptation motivation and learningHow pple dev socially emotionally cognitively and behaviorallyTriarchic reciprocal causality influences from personal personal variables selfefficacy goals attribution envirosocial model instruction feedback and behavioralachievement outcomes motivation learningimage Arrows can switchSelfefficacy ones sense of being able to deal effectively with a certain task futureorientedfocus on your abilityselfconcept developed from external and internal comparisons using other people as your reference4 sources of selfefficacy expectationsMastery experiences our own direct experiencesmost powerfullevel of arousal physical and psychological reactions causing one to feel alerttenseexcitedvicarious experiences someone else models accomplishmentsmodeling changes in behavior thinking or emotions that occur by observing another persona modelsocial persuasion pep talk or performance feedbackhuman agency capacity to coordinate learning skills motivation and emotions to reach your goalability to make choices and action plans design appropriate action then motivate and regulate the executionModeling factorsDevelopmental level of the observer makes a dif in learningAs kids grow theyre able to focus attention longer use memory strategies and motivate themselves Status of the modelWe tend to see the powerful popular ones as models
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