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Niall Mac Kenzie

November 14 •genre: •different classification of books •a particular style/category of work of art, especially a type of literary work characterized by a particular form, style, or purpose •scanner darkly possesses some of the features of sci-fiction •not the strongest example of sci-fiction •set in the future, introduces new technology that doesn't exist today •black robe genre: •historical fiction •story set in the past •include either as main characters, historical characters that readers will recognize •governor of new france: Samuel de Champlain; the french explorer, father of new france/today, quebec city •set around 1635 •3 years after, there have been documents prepared, in which the first item established in 1611: Jesuit Relations •this document shows source of info (biased) about Nations •jesuit missionaries win converts to the catholic church, becoming conversion experts, assuming any kind of risk just to serve for God •they traveled to many parts of the world to spread their religion, including Canada •europeans didn't know about the other continents till 1600s •and so the explorers traveled to other countries to see how they behaved and lived •first nations speech of the black robe •problem: natives are stuffed with obscenity/ •when speaking among themselves, readers and europeans think negative •but natives don't think so.. •the linguistic in this novel •there's a stew of languages •jesuits were pretty early in converting •just to make money •interest in extending the glory of the catholic church •wanted to help the natives •but in blackrobe, the jesuits motivation is different •pg 33(bottom): laforgue's memory with his mom, when mom tells him to pray every time “......i'm not a saint” •feels like laforgue positively wants to die for God •pp 34 (half way) “...he had prayed in nightly...that he is the chosen one...this is my hour, this is my beginning” •sets out positively hoping and praying that he will die for his faith •pp 23 (bottom): “...if you travel with a hunting party...remember, such a blessing will justify one convert...” •no matter how much risk/education $ spent/experience wi
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