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HIST 101
Willeen Keough

hist lecture ch.3- Europeans before 16th century -Religion:Catholicism was the dominant religion in Europe -Reformation,Martin Luther - Religious wars in Europe between catholics and protestants.Massacre of Bartholomew. - Renaissance:challenging catholic church,questioning the power of religion, questioning traditional beliefs - growing secular beliefs,becoming more independent. - Public sphere was for men,women should remain home. - persecution of women,accusation of them as witches. - Sought practical applications for inventions: Improvements in:Navigational aids,shipping,and armaments. - Early European explorers of the americas:Norse,Portuguese,Spanish,Dutch, English French,everyone from the coastline of Europe. - Motives for contact varied by nation:exploration/glory,fish,fur,rich metals, colonization,surplus population,trade expansion,spread christianity,markets for goods. --missionaries weren't evil,some honestly thought that first nations people would burn in hell if they didn't believe.--- - Norse were the first to reach Canada,arrived in Newfoundland.Vikings ca.1000 - Rituals,holy days where people weren't allowed to eat things other than meat, fish were a welcomed resource. - Most countries didn't have permanent settlements. - English needed to be more established due to lack of salt resources,couldn't salt all fish,so had some settlement. - English governmentt wanted to maintain the migratory fishery,fishing base in England. At first,trading between Europeans andAboriginals was very friendly. - France takes control over fur trade first in New France. Jacques CArtier - 3 voyages - told to find riches,and to establish a settlement. -Tried to settle in where Quebec is,failed due to scurvy and harsh winters. - Ethnocentrism :the attitude that one's own culture is superior to all others. -Aboriginal peoples didn't like him. -When demand for fur became uncontrollable,France created a foothold,New France.----- Port Royal,Acadia founded by Pierre de Monts,1604. -Allowed to settle on condition that 60 would migrate each year to make the place more permanent. - Europeans thought that it was empty land for them to do as they pleased. Indigenous peoples in FurTrade - vital to success,knew the terrain,knew where to find furs,shared survival skills. - Champlain r
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